Friday, February 13, 2015

Little Bit Of A Slow Time - February 10, 2015

Porvoo, although great, doesn't have much happening... So, be aware of that as I attempt to relate the happenings (or lack thereof) in this week!

We were not able to meet with our Mac&Cheese family yesterday due to family flying away/in and not being home 'til very late. Very saddening.

We had splits with the District Leaders yesterday, and it was pretty fun! I was mostly with Elder Lym, a missionary that is going home after this change, and who is looking forward with eager anticipation to all of the Brandon Sanderson books that he has missed. He really wants to read the 2nd Way of Kings book, and we ended up talking about the Sanderson Universe of books as we walked to and fro from fallen appointments. The good news: I figured out how to navigate Porvoo finally! Mostly. I did confuse one person's address with another and made it all the way to the house before realizing my mistake, but it was alright, because it was pretty close still. Phew!

We did have a little "miracle territory" this week, though! A young man referred himself through the website and asked to get into contact with us. Elder Saunders went to him on the Splits Day, so I haven't met him yet, but apparently he is very interested and already has accepted a baptismal date in late March. I am now kind of hoping to stay in Porvoo a bit, 'cuz he sounds really cool! He really likes Legend of Zelda, and is anticipating the next game. That makes 2 of us, but only 1 that can play it... Sigh.

Yeah, that's about it! So, onto the questions!

Do you plan to use the library computers each P-day? Is the library in Porvoo?

That was our considered plan, yes. The library is in Porvoo and has a bit faster connection on things, but sadly, you may only use it ½hour a day, and it locks you out of the system in the meantime. So, we are continuing to drive an hour down to the church to email every P-day, and then drive an hour back afterwards. It really hurts, 'cuz that's 2 hours of P-day just deleted to driving. Hmph. Once/If we get iPads, this won't really be a problem anymore...

Have you eaten any ethnic foods? What kind of fish do they eat?

I have only seen the foods, not eaten any of them yet. Flounder is a favorite around this area of Finland, but I don't know if that is due to the Swedish influence or the location of it within Finland.

Did you meet anyone interesting this week?

My companion did! I actually don't think that I met any people that were interesting beyond "interesting", if you know what I mean... Oh! I actually have met one person that is really fun here! She is our upstairs neighbor, and she is Swedish-Finnish and speaks English with us. She and the missionaries that opened up Porvoo were really close, and although she's not interested in continuing to receive lessons, she does always say Hi and talk with us! We made her some cookie-dough-Fudge thing, and she in turn made a little snow-lantern outside our window. It was pretty cool!

Pretty nice of her. She calls herself our "Finnish Mother", and says that our families can know that we're taken care of. She's a great person. (Mom: I love this woman!)
How is your companion?

Doing great, as far as I can tell! We are still really loving serving together, and it's pretty fun to story-tell back and forth all about various things that we're interested in. We both had pretty similar hobbies, so it's all pretty fun to hear new suggestions about stuff to do when I go back home. Still got about 1½ years til that, though, so not too anxious!

When is the next transfer date?

The 1st of March is when all of the moving around happens, I believe. The 27th/28th is when we receive change calls, so that's coming up! Probably should just send stuff to the Mission Office from now in instead of to my apartment.

Alright, there were more questions, but we actually need to go now... There were people who came for Family History this morning (despite the center being closed today) and kind of destroyed the schedule... So, we don't have much time at all! I'm gonna quickly send some stuff to family and then I'll just leave it at that. Thanks everyone for when you send me emails, they are great to read, even if I can't always answer!

Vanhin David Milligan

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