Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015 - I Love Splits Days!

I'm not writing that because I don't like to be with my current companion! It's just that every single time that I'm on splits, we get miracles. Take this last Thursday, for example. My companion tracted into a family that is SUPER-prepared and eager to learn! We have met them together, and are going to meet them again tomorrow, and who knows how many times after that! It is really cool to talk to them. I hope that we can get missionary work here moving!

Other than that, nothing that I can immediately think of. So, to questions!

Anything exciting happen to you this week? No dog attacks on your side of the world, right?

Other than meeting the family, no, nothing really outlandish happened. Dogs are constantly outside, but always leashed. The weirdest thing is that some people here have actually trained WOLVES. And walk them around like it's nothing. I've seen it at least 3 times on my mission so far, and it always kinda freaks me out...

Oh, oh! I just remembered something funny! My companion and I were walking and talking, mostly over the fact that he knows next-to-nothing about American Superheroes. Except Batman. Because of the movies. And I started to do a Batman impression, which he was very impressed by. But, that's not the funny part. I was going to use the impression to tell him a joke. The "Knock-knock - Who's there - Beak - Beak who - BECAUSE I'M BATMAN" one. I must have repeated "Knock-Knock" at least 6 times, with him just laughing, before I realized my companion doesn't know what a Knock-Knock joke is!!! So, I threw him an explanation, but now I need more knock-knock jokes to throw at him. My arsenal is depleted, since they are so cheap...

Oh, and he's been talking about how movies get interestingly-dubbed in Spain. For instance, the Toy Story 3 movie? When Buzz starts speaking Spanish? They got a deep-south Spaniard dialect to do that part. Half-understandable, half-gibberish to the un-informed Spanish speaker. Lots of fun!

What is happening in your new area?

Well, we have recently re-discovered a few investigators that have been lost by previous missionaries. As in, when they all left, they wrote NOTHING about these people other than that they exist. No phone number, no address, nothing. Oh, well. We managed to re-find them with the help of members. So nice to have people that are really invested in missionary work! I always have loved having members with us in each of my areas.

Are you enjoying your new area?

I am loving Lohja! It is just beautiful, and with the lessons that we are now able to teach to people, it makes it so the missionary work FEELS like missionary work. That's a lot of fun to not just have a pretty area, but a prepared one!

Are you enjoying being fed?

It is GREAT. We don't even ask to come over at all - sometimes, we go over to Less-Active members houses, and the first thing they say is, "Oh, the new Elders! When can you come over to eat?" Crazy. We've got a lunch appointment tomorrow with a LA, a lunch appointment on Thursday with a LA, and a dinner appointment on Thursday with a member family. And more is coming. CRAZY. It's fun!

Brother Bassett wants to know how you could like mammi (sp?), (the rye stuff you told us about) Or, as he put it, "this nasty solid rye that they boil down and then turn into some strange nasty pudding?" I think I got that right...

Oh, yeah, Mämmi! The Easter-food. I talked about that. Yeah, he got the description pretty down-pat. I don't know why I liked it, everyone else thought it was disgusting. Probably the same way I liked Salmiakki all of a sudden, and why when the Kool-Aid equivalent is served here, I water it down like the Finns do. I'm becoming Finnish - watch out!

What is your favorite thing about the sun coming back?

Okay, short answer? I don't like it that the sun has come back. It's too bright all of the time. However, I LOVE how it makes the clouds pop! The sun is good for that, but it is always in my eyes when driving, and it makes the streets VERY bright, and it's just overall-aggravating. Bring back the darkness... Wow, that sounded really morbid. I'm the Morbid Mormon!

Have you learned any hymns on the instrument you have?
Yes, it is quite easy to play hymns on the mandolin. Mostly because everything is a four-chord song. I kid you not. But, it is really fun to tinker around on that, and my companion likes it when I do! He likes the sound of it.

Are you going to be able to get a violin? I forget...

Theoretically? Yes. In reality? Only if I can find one that is suitably cheap enough, and that I don't mind leaving behind when I go off to America again. So, fingers crossed! I would really like to try to keep that skill up. I also found a harmonica here with 3 octaves, it just takes far too much air to play!

Well, that's all. I guess I'll talk to y'all sometime later! Thanks for your prayers. Be safe!

Vanhin David Milligan

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