Monday, September 14, 2015

September 12, 2015 - Voi ei, Aika kului siivin

 Elder Milligan & Elder Frey

Oh my, time flew. (Literally, 'time wore out on wings'.) This week just zoomed on by leaving barely any impression of its passing. So, pardon me, but I'm just hopping straight to the questions to inspire me.

What have you learned this week?
I have been going over quite a few sections about the attitudes that we carry around when we are acting upon certain responsibilities. I've been studying this for a while, so I'm sorry if you just are hearing this for the umpteenth time! It's just so interesting to think back and look ahead on why I act the way I do, and how I can improve my very nature through trying to have a better attitude all the time, in all things. It's really cool to think about. I'm hoping that if I am acting with more charity and love that it will seep into how I start thinking, even about the things that I really dislike.

What have you taught this week?

We taught one lesson this week so far. That's it. We will hopefully have a lesson today, though, with someone who will become a new investigator! Yay! I'm glad that we can get even just some missionary work up and rolling. The lesson that we taught was with a family that is a little less-active, mostly due to the fact that their company has to work on Sundays. They are fantastic members, though! We spent the night speaking with them and the bishop, and we all shared mission stories and experiences that were pretty cool. It's fun to think that the stories that I've always heard of happening to others have happened to me, now! I have so many fun and crazy stories from being a missionary!

What have you shared this week?

This week, I decided that if we were going to have 'dead time' for recovery from Elder Frey's Cortisone shot, I would make a cheesecake to share at the office. The day that I brought it, we happened to have TONS of people keep coming through the office. Almost as if they smelled my cheesecake... Hmm. Have to temper the radius of temptation on that recipe. Well, I got to share it with everyone in the office, 3 different random people that were dropping off packages, 2 sets of missionaries, and our member-package-deliverer who stops by the office most days. He has taken to calling me the 'kakkumestari' (yes, 'cake master'). Everyone really liked it, and was surprised that a 'mere Elder, not even a Sister' had made the cheesecake. So I think it was a hit, overall. Although I'm a little jealous that everyone thinks only Sisters can cook and sing...

What is your apartment like? Do you have another sauna for your luggage?

This apartment is really nice! There is no sauna, but there is a giant walk-in closet that houses all of our luggage with no infringement on the walk-in part of the closet space. The apartment is big and there is a really nice shower. That's the highlight of it versus other Finnish apartments, I think. The showers are always nice, but not the space to shower in. This one has both being fantastic. The only draw-back is that it is on the 4th floor of the apartment with the world's slowest elevator. I have never been in a slower elevator, period. Most people in the building walk, even to the top of the 6-floor building! We have to take the elevator, though - my companion is a cripple!

Do you need us to send a new sd card reader, or can you get one pretty easily there?

I was about to say, 'don't worry about it, I'll find one'. Then I remembered searching for it last week. Couldn't find one anywhere. So I'll say 'yes, please!' to that one!

Do you get a real Fall/Autumn in Finland? Or does it go from Summer to Winter overnight?

Hmm, I'd say yes, we generally get a Fall period. The trees will turn really nice colors! The only downer is that it becomes pretty miserable if it rains. 'Cuz it's not snow, and then all of the pretty colors go a little mushy. However, the window of Fall is pretty short - it's already pitch-black outside during pretty early times of the day!

What is something that made you laugh this week?

Hmm, this week... I think the thing that I took the most humor out of this week was speaking with the new trainee here in Haaga District, Elder Grooms. He is a really cool guy! The reason why I give that as the thing that made me laugh this week was over the fact that we thought exactly the same things out of our first week in Finland. When he was talking about his first impressions of Finland, they lined up so well with what I had said that I couldn't help but laugh along with him! He's a great guy - and he knows everything that has happened in the video-game-world for the last year, so I'm bound to have some fun conversations with him.

Well, that's about all! Sorry I'm so boring, but this week has mostly been filled with us trying to fill out the Mission History pages for 2013. It wasn't ever submitted, and neither was 2014. So we are hard at work getting those underway.

If there are any other fun things that happen this week, I'll make sure to write them down for the email! It'll be good practice for doing the history-recordings of the mission for 2015.

Be safe, everyone! Love y'all!

Vanhin David Milligan

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