Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 24, 2015 - GUESS WHAT?!?

I couldn't use the same tag-line as last time, but there is TONS OF SNOW!!! Yay!!!

Click on this to see it bigger! It's GORGEOUS!!!!

This needed pictures, even if it makes the computer lag for, like, 10 minutes.

Let's go to the questions - because there is only one computer that is operational right now at the church, which means we need ample time to switch back-and-forth, and I don't want all of our P-Day to be wasted by my chit-chatting endlessly...

How are you?

I'm doing great in Mikkeli! So much snow! (Yeehaw, look at that, we're breezing through the questions today!)

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? (We know it is not a Finnish holiday!)

This Thanksgiving, I will be in Helsinki because of MLC, or Mission Leadership Council. I will be seeing 4 people from my group there! It is a meeting for the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. We will have a Thanksgiving feast provided by Sister Watson, and then, when we are back in Mikkeli on Friday, we are holding our own little Thanksgiving feast with the branch YSA and a few potentials and investigators. Should be fun!

What is your best advice for walking on ice?

Don't do it yet. Too thin. But soon. That's my advice. And I will try to get a picture of us doing it. My companion wants to get pictures of us doing it, too.

What have you taught this week?

We finally found a new investigator of our own! Yay for the companionship! We did a little bit of get-to-know-each-other teach, he's really cool and smart, so we'll hope for continual meetings with him this week.

What have you shared this week?

I will say what I'm about to share this week - Cheesecake. My district found out about my cheesecake skills and petitioned for me to make one tomorrow for them. Strawberry cheesecake with a mango topping is what I'm going with right now. Should be good.

What have you learned this week?

I have been going through all of the different Christmas cards of quotes that my parents arranged for me last year, and have been using that as a bit of a study-guide. I've gone quite a bit through how to avoid discouragement, and how we can avoid being overly critical or insulting, as well as insulted. It's been good!

What is your new companion like?

I think I might have mentioned this last time - we have almost nothing in common. It's very weird to try to have a conversation about interests. There are 2 things that are linking us together - a love of Disney movies, and a love of being out here doing missionary work. With those two, we are having a blast together. It is so fun to share mission stories with him - I have had the opportunity to hear his experiences before he goes home, and can grow from them, so I want to make sure that I'm open to that. Really, we're doing great together. It's surprising when you look at our interests and personalities, but it's great!

Do you still go out when there is a blizzard?

Yup. It was blizzarding all Saturday, and we got entirely covered. We did a 1½ hour walk to an area, thinking that there was a potential there (we got the street name wrong), and after tracting a bit, just came walking right on back. But it was good - we got to talk to a surprising amount of people that were mostly shocked by the amount of snow on everything that we were wearing. Testimony of hard work!

What sounds do animals make in Finland? (or what do kids say when you ask them what a dog says, for example)

The only one that I've been able to wrangle out of a Finn (I don't know why I only ever was answered with this one animal) was that cats make a "Miu!" sound. Me-you, basically. I remember it because of Pokémon... I know - nerdy. What can you do.

Well, my companion still needs to email, so I'll be going then! Thanks for the reaching-out that you all do. I appreciate the thoughts that come from each of you! Be safe!

Vanhin David Milligan

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