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January 26, 2016 - So... Warm... Comparatively...

We had been having that -30 Celsius wave for so long, I adapted to it. And now that wave is gone. It is only, like, -5 Celsius this moment. We all feel SOOO warm. But it's good.

I needed a good title, so I think that situation will have to do. I apologize for the lack of better ideas on my part. I've been at this for a year and a half. Have some understanding.

Well, this week will be another MLC trip. Lots of travel to Helsinki, followed by lots of good instruction! I can't wait, it's always so great to come together on ways that we can enable our missionaries. I like that term, too - enable. I'm not able to force anyone to do anything, nor is it a good idea to just come to their area and "make" their success come. We get together and find ways to help missionaries help themselves to help others. So much service! So good.

I realize that Elder Hyer and I haven't had any pictures together. We still don't have them. Whoops. But I have some individual pictures, hold up...

Yes, yes, he looks like Sith... I get it... I think it looks cool. Accomplished by 2 pieces of colored graphite and a flash camera.

I've got my companion hooked on making cheesecakes, now. He really likes it, and has already made a pretty good one on his "own". Pretty soon he'll be able to make it solo like I do, no recipe needed. Yay for him! His was Strawberry-Mango with a vanilla crust. He used a kind of cookie I hadn't seen before. Turned out great!

Well, now that we've had a picture and a cheesecake... TO THE Q's!

What did you teach this week?

Well, this week, we got to teach a person about what we believe when it comes to life after death. It went well, we feel, and we also got to talk quite a bit about how we can learn in this life to best help us want to be happy. I can't imagine, if we don't want to do good, why we would want to live with a loving Heavenly Father. I think we would just feel eternally guilty around him. It wouldn't be a state of peace, and we wouldn't want to stay at all. He wants us close by, but we would just not have that same desire. We would be prioritizing something else above being with Him. But, of course, if our priorities are in order, we do everything we can to repent, cast imperfect desires behind us, and strive to stay. It's simple, really - we will have the same desires that we have in this life. Simple little concept. Makes a world of a difference when you start to think about why you're doing what you do.

What did you share this week?

We had a fun little origami-related lesson with members about learning and growing in this life. Every choice and decision shaped us in some way. The difference was the end result - doing what God wants us to do shapes us into the best thing possible. It was just a simple crane/swan paper thing, but it was pretty fun for everyone. I have started to become known as the "artsy" missionary... Well, if the shoe fits... and if it has enough trimming on it... and if it matches my suit color...

What did you learn this week?

We have been doing a lot of preparation for MLC this week. We want to be in the best place to help out our Zone here. I've been studying a lot about both leadership and obedience. It's been pretty good. It's a little interesting to see the different attitude that I have about leadership now. Before (and still to some small extent now, I'll admit), I viewed leadership as good, but not for me. Better ways to grow, I felt - why have someone else's learning placed into your stewardship if you can focus on your own, instead? Plus, if a missionary that you taught chooses incorrectly, isn't the blame on the head of the leader for lack of instruction? President corrected me on that one pretty quickly - the purpose of leadership is to instruct and lead by example. I am here because I am capable of being a good example. That's about all. I have a lot less concern about being a leader now than I used to have. And now I get off of my soap-box...

Does the snow ever get above your head?

Not yet! But with how it is blizzarding now... I don't know! We might get some pictures still. Here's a good sight that is from a member's house's window. Yes, those are tire tracks on the lake. It's beautiful to see.

Do they have a good system of snow removal to keep the streets clear and safe?

They do, I feel. The first thing (both good and annoying) is the fact that they place gravel down on the streets and sidewalk. Less ice, less traction. Better than salt. BUT. It kills your shoes, and the small rocks always seem to creep inside even the thickest of boots...

The snow plows go, like, everywhere, too. They make huge piles of snow in the weirdest of corners. But, it works! No need for cars to go there.

The Finns also have great snow crafting abilities. I never had my camera for this, which is why it's not in the email, but the town center has made a giant castle / fort defense from the giant mound of snow. Looks pretty solid and cool, kids are jumping all over it.

If you had a container of bubble mix and blew a bunch of bubbles, would they freeze before they hit the ground?

Umm... I think it could, if this had been done during the -30 Celsius time... Right now, it's just barely below freezing. But it might still happen, if nothing else, once it has hit the ground it might stick and freeze.

Have you seen any frozen bubbles? (On Facebook, there is a video of a bubble freezing in Finland)

Nope, can't say I have. But I can experiment!

If you have time today, would you buy some bubbles and test it out? 

Yes, I will try. That would be pretty cool to see. It is snowing rather hard outside, but on Friday, it will be -4 to -9 degrees, and no snow. So I can try to get results at that time. Would be fun to see!

Well, that's all, family and friends! I think I'll not have an exciting email next week, but I'll try to get pictures to make up for it... And finding out that bubbles freeze would make a good one-subject email. Love y'all, be safe, enjoy whatever kind of winter you are having right now!

Vanhin David Milligan

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