Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 14, 2016 - And The Results Are In!

Well, the only thing that I can think of to talk about is... Transfers! I just got my call about 30 minutes ago, but I had to do some office work over the Orientation Book and Language Study Plans that I have been tasked with creating. So I didn't get to type this as fast as I could have. But I am still excited to share!


Did you get transferred? Where?

Nope - still in the Office in Myyrmäki area! Didn't really expect it to happen - but it did!

New Companion?

Nope - still with Elder Frey! They need us to finish up a couple of projects, as well as get orientations put together for future Office Elders. Looks like I'm here 'til I'm not here!

What did you share this week?

Well, this week, I'm going to report what I will share soon. This Saturday, we have a musical number in the Helsinki Stake Conference, during the Saturday session. Should be a lot of fun - Elder Frey is playing the piano, I will be singing with Elders Jensen and Minson, and we are singing that arrangement I have of "Lead Kindly Light" with "I Need Thee Every Hour". I didn't think that you could get three people singing - but it worked! So, we are sharing our talents. Look at that. Yay!

What did you teach this week?
We got to have a lesson this week with the person that will be moving to Utah and getting baptized there. It was a good lesson - we taught a lot about prophets, and how we can know that the scriptures are true. She had a few questions, and next time we meet, we will mostly be talking about the actual process and meaning of baptism. We've promised more than enough blessings, she says - she wants a little more in-depth explanation of why it is needed, more than just 'to get blessings'. Fair enough! That was what we wanted to speak about, anyways. It's been fun!

What did you learn this week?

This week contained more going over Preach My Gospel and the Personal/Companion Study activities. I've really liked going over these things - I hope that we aren't so busy in the Office this time around that we lose good study time to go over these things!

Do they have Tornadoes in Finland? We have had several already this season.

Nope, not that I've heard of. The concept of a tornado freaks out a lot of Finnish people. Kinda weird to think about - everyone asks me why I would live in such a dangerous place. I can only shrug - I love Oklahoma! Besides, there are worse places to be if an environmental disaster happens...

What are some interesting places you have seen in Finland?

Hmm, I love all of the lakes and forests. Which means I love how about 99% of Finland looks! The other 1% is city. I'm fine with that.

But, an interesting place that I've seen... There's not too many really 'interesting' sites... Just beautiful picture locations... which you'll find almost anywhere in Finland... Sorry, I guess I can't answer this question!

When you go back to Finland to visit, what is the first thing you want to do?

Maybe Sauna. Just to be able to say that I've experienced it. It's not something I'm super-eager to do (example - I will not build my own sauna back at home), but I do want to be able to tell a Finnish person, yes, I've sauna'd - I've experienced the thing that every Finnish doctor recommends as a cure. To everything. Sigh.

But, if not sauna, I think that the first thing that I would want to do would be find a store of Finnish goods (books, DVDs, games, etc.) and buy the place out. I just want as much of the Finnish culture and language to come home with me as possible! I know that I won't stay, so I'll just abduct half of the country and bring it to America. That's my goal.

Well, that's all I've got! This e-mail is a bit shorter than the others, since we've got a lot of tasks to do and go through. Never a restful moment... not even on Preparation Day... but I LOVE IT HERE! :D

May everyone experience a wonderful week. I'll e-mail everyone next Saturday! Be safe, be happy! Pictures incoming!
Me with my companion! It's gonna be fun!

Oh, and 3000 copies of the Book of Mormon in Finnish came in this week. That's two near-identical walls you see there. That was fun to make.

At the Temple with someone he baptized last year!

A Sister in our District drew this picture of us all. Kinda humorous how much in pain our district has been in... We're almost all suffering somehow!

Left to Right - Sister with no health problems (but good drawing skills), Sister that has broken her toe just recently, Elder with hip problems, Elder that broke his hand (back in my first round of the office), Elder Frey, Me, Elder that had his appendix removed recently, Elder with no health problems (but great hair). That's us!

Vanhin David Milligan

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