Monday, June 30, 2014


David's short message from Sunday, June 29, 2014. The package he refers to is one his dad sent because David forgot his belt...

Dear Mother and other thus associated family,

I'm doing alright here. The post office has been shut down, so although I got a pick-up slip of the package, I have been unable to pick it up or mail anything out (can't get a stamp...). But, oh well. I have a letter to send that'll contain most of my experiences here, so I'll let you read that.

There are 10 missionaries going to Finland in this batch, and we won't get more until after we leave, so that means we're really it. 9 guys and 1 girl, so we have the girl as a Solo missionary and my group has a triplet-companionship, as we have been split into 2 5-person "districts".

I'm not even sure if I'm supposed/allowed to write e-mails on Sunday, but the Zone Leaders walked in, checked up on what we were doing, and walked out. Either way, from now on e-mails will only be sent out on P-day, which is Thursday. We didn't get it this week, so that's why I'm perhaps breaking protocol here.

Write you all later, I'll check this again on Thursday, and have a great week!

Vanhin (Elder in Finnish) David Milligan

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