Thursday, July 3, 2014

First P-Day Post

(P-day = Preparation Day = a day to write home, do laundry, run errands, etc.)

Thanks for thinking of me! I'm doing alright here, and I just mailed off 2 fun letters for you guys last night, even though I know you won't read them for a while.

(WARNING: The Shift button is stuck on this computer, so if some stuff isn't capitalized, that's why. The backspace button is stuck too, so that excuses all grammatical mistakes.)
Most of the stuff I'm gonna say is also in the letter(s), but this way if you decide to post to my blog, you already have an electronic copy!
A typical day at the MTC consists of a meal, a class, a meal, another class, Gym time, a meal, and one last class. The learning curve is steep here; I already know how to set up and conjugate most Finnish sentences and have already, starting on Day 2, had to speak to an "investigator" and determine what in the world she is saying, because she held no bars on what verbs she used or what case she was utilizing. (There are 16 different cases of Finnish, so like how English has Direct Object, Indirect Object, and Possesive? Finnish has SIXTEEN DIFFERENT THINGS LIKE THAT FOR SENTENCE STRUCTURE.) But, I have learned to focus on listening to the Spirit, and that the language will be fine so long as I can try to understand how this person needs help. In fact, our last lesson went GREAT, and I understood and correctly handled all of the lesson and the language needed! It was a mahtava (awesome!) experience for me and the temporary companions I had at that time. (All of our companionships had been split up due to us going at different times to get our visas to Finland, so I taught a lesson with a trio that day.)
My companion is Vanhin (Finnish for Elder) Parker Wilson from Bountiful, UT. He's pretty spiritual, if slow to get up in the mornings. Speaking of mornings, missionaries get up at 6:30 AM here, which is great for me since that's 7:30 OK time, but everyone else in my district is from Utah and really struggling with time. But I'm sure it'll work out in the end.
The food is pretty good here. It's pretty high quality for a mass-produced meal, but isn't anything compared to home-cooked food. The chocolate milk, though, is really nice. Oh, and I was warned early on of the orange juice, and a person in our district threw up in front of me after drinking it! It's okay, my suit is fine.
I can't think of anything I might like sent to me beyond maybe a few more casual shirts for Gym time, like 2 more or so. I would LOVE to get more Lifesaver mints! I think it's the Wintergreen I like? The green bag? Not so much the blue bag.
Just took a pic! I'll try to attach it. It works kinda weird here, tech-wise. It doesn't pull up SD files unless you are attaching in the email, and then it doesn't show the pictures, just the file names.
We do have some pictures, I'll try to get some!
Come to think of it, I'm just gonna attach all the photos in a different e-mail sent a while from now. I'm in the Laundry room getting my shirts all cleaned, and there's no tower in sight connected to this... No USB ports either...
I will think of more to send later!
The activities you guys are doing sound fun. I wish I could be there to keep up old traditions! We will probably get to see fireworks here, but no promises. E-mail you later!
Vanhin David Milligan

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  1. To clarify: I asked him to send a picture of his nametag for us to post here. I am assuming that is what he "Just took a pic!" of! Will post soon! Even though these comments will say they are from him, they are really from his family, because we are the ones updating this blog!