Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014

If you see "Italics" Mom has added an explanation!
Everything here is pretty good. Can't say it's great, since I keep getting beat up by some of the food here... It tastes fine, but ends up hurting later!
Bar-B-Q sounds really cool right now... I have a lot of firework pics here! The fireworks were pretty good here, and we saw them from the MTC corner that was right by my residence hall. Lots of pretty explosions! 

So, Nathan and Father are at Scout Camp? That's fun... I'm kinda glad that I'm here instead!

The bedroom is a different color now? That's interesting, but in a good way. I bet Zandi's glad to get Megan out! The girls painted David's bedroom, which is now Megan's bedroom!

Oh, oh, I think that I need more stuff in that package! Very small, hopefully you can maybe fit them in. 1) the 2nd CD of John Bytheway's "Tour de Family" talk. I was very disappointed to not hear some of the best parts of it! 2) just about every PianoGuys song possible. Our mission accepts it! 3) the version of the MoTab CD that has Shenandoa on it. I think it's that American Heritage one? Either way, that song is outright BEAUTIFUL and I don't have it here!
That's about it that I know, hope that a few CDs don't mess up your package plans...

Thank you for the encouragement! The language is coming along well, even if at times I have to question if I even understand what I'm saying!

The missionaries in our ward told us about "Narnia Holes". Little spots around the dorm rooms where missionaries hide things for the next missionaries that use the room to find. So we asked David if he had found any!
Oh, and although this is the first time I've heard them referred to as "Narnia Holes", I did find some little treasures! The first week, we were told about it and I searched the vent above the door. There was an envelope there, and a pile of chocolate wrappers. The envelope just said, "Enjoy something sweet", which makes me think that there was money (raha) attached and the wrappers were left as a sort of homage to the gift. (By the way, the reason I know that raha is money is because one of my district members tried to say "I receive peace from the Book of Mormon", which is "Minä saan rauha Mormonin Kirjasta", but said instead that the Book of Mormon gives him MONEY. Whoops.)

Just yesterday, I re-checked the vent above the bed I'm in. When I looked there the first week, it looked like just some pieces of vent machinery were up there. However, after actually grabbing what looked like one of those filter-boxes, I found out that I had another treasure on my hands! It was a neat box, purple-black plaid and one of those fancy boxes that has the flap sticking to a magnet on the front, meant to contain Men's Jewelry. Inside, there was a Pingpong ball (which got confiscated due to it not being MTC allotted sports equipment), a bunch of weird plastic things that had sticky bits on hands and feet (I think they're meant to stick to walls and hold things up? They're getting sent back to the vents...), and a tie clip which I gave to my companion that had a little oval that said CTR on it. It was kinda cool, but if I got the box, that was the better end of the deal!

Oh, I should tell you that the Hungarian districts are in our Zone/Branch. They're a pretty funny and athletic bunch, but their vent treasure was the BEST. They found a homemade THOR HAMMER out of really sturdy duct tape/filled tissue box/stiff cardboard tube. The thing has been the slayer of many flies around here.

We always play volleyball at the Gym here, and it's really fun! Just enough people that are good to keep a rally going, just enough newbies to make the returns very interesting!

Some things I also wouldn't mind sent (although not crucial) are dryer sheets/balls. As cool as it is to have really static-y warm clothes, I've gotten shocked one-too-many times for it to remain a fun experience...

That's about all I can think of now, I'm gonna write the rest of the family now! See you next Thursday!

Vanhin David Milligan 

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