Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 17th Letter

This letter was supposed to get posted with the pictures, but I got carried away enjoying the pictures, and forgot to post the letter... Better late than never?!

So much of really nothing has happened this week. We did get to hear from Niel L. Andersen in a Tuesday Devotional, but I might've already said that. It was a good talk about how the Preach My Gospel book came about, and how all of the apostles had something to contribute, even those that were bedridden, and how it is a great message for our time. Pretty cool.
Beyond that, though, the only semi-interesting thing is that 19M, the Gym/Devotional Area, has been closed due to floor finishings. Because of that, 2 things have happened: 1st, all of the devotionals will be at the Marriot Center on BYU campus until the 21st, and 2nd, I have been playing Sand Volleyball for every Gym time (since indoor volleyball took place in 19M), and I have found that any sand in Utah is guaranteed to hit a couple hundred degrees, at least that's what it feels like!

Yeah, really nothing new here, just learning more Finnish. I have a pretty good grasp of the language now, and am personally focusing on different ways that the 16 cases are used.

I am so happy that Zandi and Megan want to go on Missions! I think that the 3 of them (Nathan included) will go to the places as follows:
Zandi - Estonia
Megan - Denmark
Nathan - Sweden
Yes, they're all relatively the same area, but that's fine! Nathan might be called Spanish Speaking, though... That's my secondary guess!

I haven't yet gotten any sort of package from anyone (except the belt from Father), but I'm holding out hope! :) That being said, the DearElder letters from you and Father both arrived on Wednesday, so I'm not quite sure if that worked like you planned, since you narrated as if I was getting it on Tuesday. Oh, well, I know that stuff will come eventually from you guys!

Oh, the fact that I just wrote "guys" reminds me: We can't say "guys" or any sort of slang in my Zone, because if someone corrects it before we correct it ourselves, we have to do 15 seconds of wallsits... Bearable, but it can stack up FAST.

Umm, nothing else really comes to mind... I trust y'all are doing well? (Y'all is NOT slang here for me, since I'm from Oklahoma and apparently it's just understood that I say "y'all" a lot.) I hope that everyone is surviving their summers! Something I'd like you all to try to do for me while I'm gone: Do kinda what Captain America did in the Winter Soldier: write down anything you come across that I need to experience when I come back, and compile it into a list! I don't care if it's an internet meme like What Does the Fox Say, or if it's a movie/tv series that I must experience; I'm open to all suggestions to catch back up to pop culture! I just hope that America doesn't become super-technologically renovated by the time I come back, I can't imagine missing a new piece of technology like Virtual Reality or something like that! ...It's gonna happen now, isn't it? Oh well!
I want to be able to send you a few pictures later today, but I won't be able to upload them to the Google Docs, since I'll be doing it from the Laundry room which doesn't open anything but myldsmail. 

Thanks for always posting things to my blog! I'm gonna send a few specific pics that it'd be cool if they could go on the blog. Pretty sure it can host pictures... I'll also send them with some explanations, so it's not just a random snapshot of random people/things!

That's almost all I can think of... Oh! Remember Elder Burr? I guess his name was actually Colten... either way! One of the Finnish Sisters (let me rephrase that: the ONLY Finnish Sisar) said that she'd known that I was going to be going to Finland because she knew Colten Burr! He apparently came to her Single's Ward at least once, and when he heard she was going to Finland, he told her about me and how I was going at the same time! Apparently she friend-ed me on Facebook, and messaged saying that she was going to the MTC at the same time to the same mission as me. But, I never really checked Facebook in the months leading up to my mission... Oh well! Funny how it's such a small world and there's always at least one-person-steps to someone knowing cool stuff about Finland or the mission there!

Well, my companion is getting antsy and pacing around, so I guess I'll close here! Message you some pics in a bit!

Love you,
Vanhin David Milligan

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