So, the temple's closed today. That's why this e-mail is coming in so early! I guess that the MTC's ongoing scheduling for missionaries is off, because the gates were closed and they weren't letting anyone in. I guess since it's Pioneer Day here, if they didn't regulate the scheduling of people coming in, they'd be swamped with too many to actually do a proper session. Hmm. Oh well!
"A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" is a good song for Megan to play! One of my district's Vanhimmat says that's his favorite hymn, and always picks it when it's his turn. Did you know that before we begin every class, we sing a hymn from the Finnish Hymnal? It's really fun, and I've been permanently relegated to "harmony", since no one else can sing anything but the melody if they have to read a different language as they sing! It's all fun, though. I love listening to the next district over sing "All Creatures of Our God and King" all the time!

I helped a missionary yesterday while I was Hosting that had a sister in the Oklahoma City mission! He thinks she is in Lawton right now. I honestly forget his last name, but he was an English speaking mission that came in on the 23rd. Other than that, though, the only Oklahoma-bound missionaries I've seen are going to the Tulsa mission...

I also saw Michael Britton from Seminary here! His car drove by with Edmond North stickers on it, and I chased it all the way down the unloading dock! His grandparents took a few pictures of us, so if you ask the Brittons (I think they're in Villiage Ward) they might have a picture of me with an Oklahoman! Apparently, Nathan Pratt is also here for his mission to the Philippines, but I haven't seen him yet. I'm so excited to finally have familiar faces in the MTC!!!

There's not too much more to say, but I got the package y'all sent! It was AWESOME!!! I will never need another package for as long as I am here, there was THAT MUCH stuff in there! Sooo much sugar. Thanks for not giving any chocolate, that was nice of you to remember that I loooove sugar candy, and not so much chocolate. I can't say that too loudly around here, though: all of my district has an addiction to Hershey's! Thanks for the CDs, I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet since I've been preparing lots of stuff for the new Hungarian missionaries.

Speaking of NEW Hungarian missionaries, the old ones left us! So sad. Last Monday, they woke us up at 4:30 to say goodbye. They're shipped out to the work right now, but we got some new Hungarians that we will train! They all seem pretty tall, but have a very "deer in the headlights" look to them. I hope that I didn't seem that way when I first showed up! Right now, I think I know more Hungarian than them, thanks to the old districts. I know how to say What's up, Swerve, Let it Snow, For Sure, Fo' Shizzle, Phat (cool), and What the Miracle (their version of what in the world). So much fun to just speak Hungarian for no reason!

I think I'll wrap this up now, I still want to e-mail some other people. Thanks for putting up my e-mail address, it's really fun to be able to get word from lots of people as to how their lives are and what they're doing! Love you, family! Bye!

Vanhin David Milligan
From a letter to Zandi:
I've encountered a small problem with the concept of Narnia Holes. So, our building is actually planned for renovation, I just found out today. We are actually going to be the only ones in this building for the last 3 weeks (Aug 11-Sep 1 or something like that), and thus will be unable to place little vent gifts! The really bad thing is, the Hungarians that left this Monday didn't know, and left some really cool vent gifts. We're fixin' to break in (like the Oklahoma roots there?) and find the Hammer of Thor and the other goodies. The Hammer of Thor is a rather hefty and durable arts-and-crafts project of the Albanians about 9 months back. Sadly, while the Hammer of Thor has been the slayer of many flies (I've seen it at work), it is currently unaccessible! Noooo!!!
Mom: I am picturing a bunch of missionaries, dressed in black, attempting to break in to Hungarian dorm rooms... Hilarious!

Now for the Pictures!!

  David: Chillin in my P-Day clothes!

David: I promise, I haven't been this dangerous! ...Yet...
Mom: Only a missionary would think to do this...

 David: Yesterday, 564 Missionaries came in. 
(114 were Spanish speaking, so they went to West Campus) 
I was hosting, and it was NUTS.
Mom: I was so excited when I heard he found Michael Britton! 
Must have been so fun to see a familiar face!

David:  ​The package fits PERFECTLY in one of my drawers! 
The candy is easily accessible and looks DELICIOUS. Thanks again!!!
Mom:Anyone planning to send a package to the MTC?
The Large Flat Rate Box fits in their drawer! Who knew!!

David: Thinking of you, Mother! Pronounced, PECK-own-ee.
Mom: FINALLY! I learned a Finnish word I can use on a daily basis!!

David: Our classroom! My desk is the one on the right that you can completely see. 
Pretty orderly, eh?
Mom: Why was his room never like this? 
Glad his companion gets to experience his neat and orderly side!

David: ​Group pushup before the Hungarians left that next morning. I miss them...
Mom: Missionary Bonding?

David:  ​Half of the Hungarians that left us... Boy, were they a hoot!
Mom: Love that they call them "the Hungarians". 
I wonder if David's group is the Finns? Or the Finnishers? Or the Finlandians? LOL

David: ​It really is beautiful at the MTC... with a Photobombing by Vanhin Hastings.
Mom: He looks older already...