Hello Mother!
You, Whitney, and Brother Hopkins are the only ones that emailed me this week! :( Well, that means more time spent talking to you! Yay!

Oh, it's so much fun not worrying about what I need for school! Of course, that only means that I traded it for worrying about what I need for Finland... :S Is Nathan holding up well at Band Camp? If he ever complains, just remind him that I said Men's Chorus was pretty fun... And that Orchestra is better! I can't wait to hear about everyone's schedules, I hope that they get some of my favorite teachers (and avoid my least favorite ones too...)!

I'm very grateful for the challenge that Bishop Pitts gave us to read the Preach My Gospel manual. The knowledge of lesson plans and suggestions for personal development have helped me SO much so far! We use it a lot, but not as much for specific lessons. We use it mostly for the personal betterment side of things, which is really cool.

I'm so thrilled that you want to go back to school, I'll be praying that the Lord can help us with your desire! What will you do once you have your Teaching Certificate, teach somewhere I presume? Anyways, I totally agree with following promptings despite how weird they may seem to fit in your life. I know that we have been blessed for it in the past, and can still benefit from keeping the Lord's counsel now!

I did get the brownies and soda, and they did arrive a day late, but I also did partake with much remembrance of home! Yeah, DearElder kinda works funny in that it's almost always the day after you think they'd get something that they finally do, but it's fun that you can even send little treats through it, and not just mail! Although, I do like it when I get mail, too! :)

Sorry this one's so short, but there's really not too much that has happened. We have new Hungarians and new Albanians that we will meet tomorrow, but the Hungarians (since they've been here a week) are very much enjoying the P-Day today. Can't wait to indoctrinate them into Zone Volleyball time! ;)

Oh, and although I've never seen this movie, that Disney movie about the Church, The Other Side of Heaven or something like that? The missionary whose story and experience that is came and spoke to us last Tuesday! I got to see 2 clips from the movie, the one about the man with lockjaw and the one where they were becalmed (ocean-term for "no wind and we're in a sailboat, uh-oh"), and the testimony of the man that followed that becalming in the ocean. It was really cool to hear from the Brother that actually experienced that, and made me wish I'd seen the movie, and not only because Anne Hathaway was in it. :)

Well, I guess that about wraps things up, I'm gonna hopefully send some pictures later, maybe even now, since there are virtually no emails to write out... :( Love you all, and thanks for helping me out so much with all of your support!

Vanhin David Milligan

Mom: I have learned that you can click on any picture to see it larger.
 Hope that helps the rest of you!

David: This is a card that I bought that contains a fair amount of the grammar rules 
that Finland has regarding Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs. It's SUPER small writing, 
and you still have to know personally which case/word you're supposed to use, 
so this card is most definitely NOT the end all, be all of grammar cards...


David: Our new Zone, with Hungarians included! :) 
We'll see about getting those Albanians in here next Sunday Walk. 
Mom: I love that they have a Sunday walk!

David: I found Michael Britton from Oklahoma again! 
Did you know that his mission changed from Salt Lake City Central to an area in New York instead? Very different gear required! I'm praying for him!
Mom: Yes, we did know! Sister Britton told us right away! (Thanks, Brandje!) 
New York, Utica Mission.  A lot of Brother Milligan's family live in Michael's new mission!! 
We are hoping he runs into them!

David: #Selfies never get old... :)
Mom: I love how many of them he takes!! 
Gives me a good view of what he is up to!
David: Do me a favor and never post the last two... 
Just realized how prominent my nose is in both of those! :)
Mom: Sorry, I had to delete those from the blog. 
Maybe he'll show you later!

 David:  My laundry-bag cape from Aunt Roberta.
Apparently this laundry bag has gone on all of their missions, like to Russia and a few other places. Mom, help me out with the other places your cousins went...
Oh, and the photo-bomber? Don't know him. It was too well done, though!
Mom: The laundry bag has gone to Arizona on an American Sign Language Mission with Brent, to Romania with Robert, to Russia with Sara, and now it is on its way to Finland with David!
 I love family! 

Love that it has become a cape. Super Missionary!