Monday, November 24, 2014

Du-du du Du-du! Incoming Update! - November 24, 2014

Well, everyone, this week has just been stretching out really long. I'm still not quite sure what we actually managed to accomplish this week... We have been preparing for the 2 baptisms in our area, and they have been working well!

I guess I'll just quickly say a few things that I want to, and then I'll just answer questions.

Bike Safety Surprise

So, this week, despite us not owning bikes, we had to watch the bike safety video, partly because I haven't seen it up 'til this point. As we were watching this short thing, I heard a recognizable voice, and then a recognizable figure. Matt from Studio C is in it! He pretends to steal some missionaries bikes with some other guy, and they talk (as they cycle around with the 2 stolen bikes) about how to secure your bike correctly, and stow it properly as well. It was a bit amusing, more shocking to see him in it, though!

Tornado Chemist?

A few days ago, I was talking with some members about what it's like living in Oklahoma. They were all very interested in what it's like to live in an area with tornadoes, and I told them that it wasn't so bad, most people quickly walk outside when a tornado siren goes off to see where it is. They also joked that maybe I should just become a Tornado Chaser, because it'd be awesome, according to them.

Well, a few days after that, we got a call from some of the same members that were updating the bulletin for the ward. Despite me being here almost 3 months now, they had not yet put a picture of me up on the board alongside all of the other companionships. So, they decided to interview me about a few things so that they could put one up. At the point where they asked about my "dream", I said "Becoming a Chemical Engineer". They said that they needed something a little more exciting than that. Then they started to laugh, and said, "Tornado Chaser!" I laughed, and then said Miksi ei, Why not, put it up. They did. But mixed up with my Chemical Engineer dream.

My dream: Tornado Chemist. Hmm.

Language Sentence

So, I've decided that I should put in a random sentence that I've said this week to just throw into my emails. So here we go.
En halua lunta kengoissani.  I don't want snow in my shoes.

Well, that's all for stuff I want to say, so here are all the questions!

How has your health been this week?

Well, I believe. There's nothing anatomically wrong with my heart, so all that's left to do is go through a Stress Test, where they hook me up to a treadmill and heart ECG stuff and test how well my body handles physical stress. I will be the human gerbil.

Are you enjoying snow?

We did see some light snow this week, but no more than that. The ground is more than cold enough for it to stick, but it's just not coming.

What is something you learned this week?

I studied quite a bit about the Savior's ministry on the earth, and what it is he taught and when it is he taught it. Very interesting thing: I keep noticing that most of the miracles and important lessons that the Savior shares happens on the way. He'll be going somewhere, doing something, and that's when He "find's the one", per se, and aids someone in his path that just needs His help. It's very inspiring as someone who also believes that they are ministering to others in the name of our Father in heaven.
Also, I read Ezekiel 34 and about how I need to be a shepherd that the Lord can trust with His flock, to shorten the chapter. Quite good.

How much daylight is left?

About the same, things haven't really changed now in regards to more or less light. It's just dark all the time instead. Sigh.

What are some lessons that you have taught this week?

We taught about the Gospel of Christ again to one of the people getting baptized, because we felt that it would help them to see the things they need to do after baptism and how what they've already done beforehand (Faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance) will aid the last part of the gospel: Enduring to the End. It was pretty nice, because then we talked about temple covenants and that we can be sealed to our families forever, which they really liked.

What is something you enjoy teaching?

The Plan of Salvation, the first ½ especially. The idea of there being a life before this Earth life where God outlined His plan regarding us and why we need to come to Earth just makes sense to quite a few people out here. The necessity of Christ in the Plan of Salvation, or Pelastussunnitelma, if I spelled that correctly, also is pretty nice as an additional testimony that we are Christians, that we believe in Christ and wish to follow His example on earth.

How goes the Finnish?

I really don't feel as though I've gotten any better than the MTC, but I have found myself able to understand everyone surprisingly well. The hardest thing to get used to was phone calls, because you can't rely on things like gestures and face/body movements, but now thanks to daily calls from an investigator to just talk about stuff, I have gotten pretty good at deciphering phone calls!

Have you learned of any Finnish holidays that we don't celebrate in the U.S.A.?

They have their own Independence Day here, on the 6th of December, so that'll be coming up soon. It's labelled as a "red day", so we have to be careful about what we do on that day due to things like drunk people and riotous partying, I guess. But, other than that, I don't recall anything right now that is too much different. We're going to an American member's house this Saturday for a belated Thanksgiving Dinner, and my companion just received this morning a package filled with Thanksgiving goodies, like a Pumpkin Pie mix and recipe, and tons of other food stuff. Looking forward to the feasts!

Well, that's all on this end, I think I'll wrap this one up for now. Love y'all, be safe, be strong!

Vanhin David Milligan

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