Monday, November 3, 2014

Very Short Update - November 3, 2014

So, lots of medical complications this week that I don't want to bore/scare anyone with, so suffice it to say that I have been a bit out-of-commission and have been with some Finnish doctors and lots of needles.
Now, to some more fun things! I have spent the first half of this week with investigators and experiences, so I'll just dwell on that a bit!

What's in Kebab Sauce?!?

I still don't rightly know, but I haven't been able to ask anyone potentially in-the-know yet. We have a few Turkish investigators that might be able to tell us, since it is a Turkish food... I have been told that you have to hunt and shear the Kebab animal to get the meat portion, but...
By the way, I believe the meat is something like lamb... Might wanna trust Google on this one.

Burger King is in Tampere!!!

Now, I don't remember going to Burger King in America, but we might have gone at some point pre-Oklahoma. Now, the fact that Burger King is now open in Tampere is not really so exciting, it just means that my companion desires a different source of greasy food than just Kebab, but the experience we had with Burger King was pretty awesome. Last Tuesday, when we were walking from the bus to lunch at home, we were stopped by an enthusiastic person in a Burger King uniform. She asked if we had time to talk, and after asking if we enjoy Burger King, (my companion said Totta Kai, Me olemme Amerikallinen) she gave us a coupon thing for a free meal in Burger King if we went RIGHT THEN. So we did. And their definition of a "meal" is quite expansive. I got a Whopper Meal and an Oreo McFlurry for free, and my companion managed to get €20 of food/desserts for free as well. We had a lot of fun! I couldn't eat all of my meal, so thankfully the Tampere 2 Elders happened to pass through too and ate with us, so I gifted them my fries and ½ burger remaining.
(Mom Comment: You can tell Vanhin Milligan has little experience with fast food as he thinks he got a McFlurry at Burger King...)

That's really it in the way of experiences, so... Questions!

1. Daylight - How much do you have left every day?

Well, yesterday at 5 PM it was entirely DARK, and I seem to recall light appearing around 11, so, that means at least 7 hours of daylight. Not sun. It's getting really dark!

2. Snow - How much have you seen this week?

None. The weather has gone up into the upper single-digits, but according to Finns, that's a precursor to it dropping REALLY bad, REALLY fast. Lots of rain, though.

3. Investigators - How are they doing? Any new ones?

They're doing well, progression on all counts, and the 4 baptismal dates are still strong! One of our investigators accepted the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity immediately, and we weren't even planning on covering it! He offered us tea, so we said no, he asked why, said he'd give it up too, and then asked in curiosity about dating, which led into Chastity. He apparently has already been calling himself a Mormon to people that ask! He, as an investigator, has invited us to a Dinner Appointment this coming week. My companion says that's the first time that he's ever heard of that.

4. Testimony - How has it grown this week?

I have an even firmer belief in the simple things of the church. I have, in personal studies, decided to study things in the lessons of the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. I love to study about how it is that Heavenly Father has created a plan for us, and how simple it actually is.

5. Study - What have you studied this week?

Whoops. Answered that!

6. Food - What have you eaten this week?

Burger King. And bread. And apples. And a bit of pasta. That's all I've been able to handle.  We were gifted food by members!

7. Prayer - Is there anyone/anything you would like us to pray for? (Can be yourself!)

I would like prayers for myself, and for a specific investigator of ours. I can't share her name because I haven't asked her, but just know that her health is pretty badly off right now, although she still desires to go to baptism, even at the threatening of her friends to abandon her as soon as she does so. Pray for her comfort, and for my health!

8. Health - Has it improved this week?

Father and Nathan have an email about that, but yes. And no. I'm not sick anymore, I'll put it that way!

9. Fun - What is something fun you did this week?

Umm... Not much. I was bed-ridden Saturday, so. But, Burger King was just a fun experience, so I'll say that. Oh, I have something else too!

Leading up to Halloween, we were going to a Potential that wasn't home, which means we tract a bit in the area before leaving. The very first door we knocked on on the top floor saw us, heard us start to talk, and then said, Wait a moment, 5 minutes! So, we waited, not sure what to expect as he ducked back inside. He then popped out in his Halloween costume, which made us immediately burst into laughter! Here he is with us.
We met Jesus.

Well, I love you all, be safe, and have a great week!

Vanhin David Milligan

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