Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 3, 2015 - Still Stickin' Around!

Porvoo will still have me right inside for at least 2 more months! I'm excited, because that means that I will still get to see the investigator we've been teaching go to baptism. He's super cool. We found out last Sunday that the Relief Society scheduled something over his baptismal date and made that part of the church unavailable, and he said that we could just push it a week earlier. He is so prepared. I'm excited to see it all the way through, and hope that I will stay in good contact with him!

I turn 19 this Sunday. That's SO weird. I'm looking forward to the letters that have been promised! A quick news flash: according to the postal dates versus day received, it appears that it takes roughly a month for things to come from America to Finland. Weird, yes. I don't question it too much. I just try to send stuff Priority from here, since it's free to do, and goes through America that much faster. But, Priority costs enough back home that I don't expect that to be a good option.

Well, that's about it that I am thinking needs to be mentioned beyond all of the questions! Onward!

Are you being transferred? Do/Will you have a new companion?

Nope, and I am still with good ol' Elder Saunders! He has been made District Leader, though! He is a little concerned about it, but I'm laughing, because I've been hoping that I won't get that role! And now I'm in the best not-calling that exists in the mission: District Leader's Companion! Get to go on Splits with lots of people, get to see all of the numbers for the District, and get to watch him prepare the meetings so that I know what to expect. It's awesome.

Quick note: Our district will have the following companionships: The Zone Leaders for Helsinki, the Sisters with a new trainee (Sister Seegmiller from my group is training! So cool, she'll do well), the Elders with one of the old Zone Leaders now training (I hope that the trainee will be Elder Nissen that sent me an email a while back, that would be awesome), and my companionship with Elder Saunders as District Leader. That means that I am the ONLY one in my district without a position that comes with a little title! It's all Leaders, Trainers, and Trainees, and then me. I'm just laughing still. It's all fun.

How is your health doing? Are you eating enough calories to make up for all the ones you are walking off?!

Health is fine, Elder Saunders is helping me keep on track with eating. Sometimes I almost forget, don't know how, but I do! We are going to still be walking around, but it won't be as slick anymore, so probably a bit safer than before.

Besides handwritten letters, what is something you want us to send?

Hmm. I can't really think of anything... American Candy is always appreciated, but seeing as I still haven't opened the bag of DumDums that y'all sent when I was in the MTC 6 months ago, I tend to pack-rat the candy. I still have 2 bags of Skittles left, the bag of Cinnamon Bears, a few Lifesaver Mints, and Airheads. I did finish off the Mike and Ikes, though, just yesterday. I like those.

Yeah, so, candy is good, but it'll be sitting in my closet a LONG time before I jaksaa to partake.

Maybe just more music? Everything soundtrack is approved, so I would appreciate anything! Especially "video-game" orchestrated music. I have hesitated to ask this of y'all, because the last time I asked for music, I got a bunch of MP4 things, which only can be played when we're on the computers or traveling in the car. We can't play it at home. So, if you send MP3s instead or some other file, that'd be cool!

Ooh, and maybe some recording of the family? Maybe recorded with Megan's camera which is identical to mine, and then sent to me without editing the file so that I can figure out how to stick it onto my camera to watch at my leisure! That'd be fun. Even if not, just a few "Hello!"s from people that are recorded would also be fun.

Yeah, so, those are a few ideas. Thanks for making me think!

Are you staying warm?

Yes, yes... Thanks. I appreciate you looking out for me.

Are the sunlight hours getting noticeably longer?

I'd say so, mostly just because the light actually is shining in the morning. No sun, much, though. It's hiding behind the clouds and rain. We actually had it start snowing yesterday when we were by the river, and it started becoming HUGE. Like, I thought that snowballs were falling. I'm not exaggerating at all, weirdly enough. Then it went away. And, I'd left my camera at home. But, my companion got a picture!

What is your favorite thing about Finland?

Good questions this week... I don't quite know what it would be, but if I were to hazard a good guess, I would say that my favorite thing would be the beautiful natural sights that are just everywhere! I'm not even in what's considered a "winter town", but it's still beautiful. I can't wait to see what summer will look like here, because this is considered one of the most beautiful places to be in summer. Not that I'm really looking forward to being around that long here, but I think that the start of spring will give a good indication of what it can look like.

Well, that's about it! I can't think of anything else to talk about! Maybe I'm just getting old... Hope you all do well, and stay safe!

Vanhin David Milligan

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