Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31, 2015 - For Lack Of A Better Subject Line

Yeah, although this week was more interesting than the last, not really anything defining happened. Thus, the wimpy title. Oh, well.

Our recent convert told us about his parents trying to have an intervention to, as he put it, "de-convert" him. It was rather funny, he said, because they got a local Porvoo Lutheran priest to come, thinking that the combined efforts of parents and Finnish Religion alike could sway him. Why is that funny? Oh, just because the priest has been to Provo, UT, and thinks Mormons are a pretty good religion. He even thinks that Joseph Smith was a prophet and had revelations, just refuses to accept the Book of Mormon as true. The recent convert said that his family totally didn't know that the priest had this background, and it really undermined their efforts whenever they'd say something, he would clarify it, and the priest would bear witness that that is how it is. Really funny to hear about after the fact!

We got to go to Zone Conference this last week. That was pretty fun. It was an all-day deal, so it was a LONG set of meetings. But we survived. We even got to watch Meet The Mormons for the first time! It will apparently be being used as a missionary tool in Finland mid-May sometime. Looking forward to it, it was surprisingly good!

Yeah, that's about it... I'm looking forward to General Conference this next week, I can't wait to hear from all of the speakers!

Oh, hey. It has been snowing in Porvoo. Again. It is about 4-6 inches on the ground, and still coming down. (Remember when all he wanted was a little bit of snow?! We knew this day would come! Snow Woe! ~Mom) Our recent convert has offered to give us umbrellas, because it will be being like this all week, and my companion has no umbrella and my 'Murican 'Mbrella 'mbroke. I don't really know how, but the closing-hinge kinda broke. Sigh.

Well, at least it'll be a white March-April transition. I have a pretty good April Fool's Day prank lined up for District Meeting. I've got the powerful Pepper Salmiakki, and I have baking chocolate. And, I've set a food-bringing precedence already, to set everyone at ease... I think y'all can see where this is going. Hee-hee-hee... (If anyone wants to try some Salmiakki -Finnish Candy- come over! Our only requirement is you have to let us video you eating it to send to Vanhin Milligan! ~Mom)

That's about it! I don't have any questions to answer this week, so I will attempt to maybe find some pics to send. In another set of emails.

Love y'all, be safe! Enjoy General Conference!

Vanhin David Milligan

This is the fabled Ph.D. Sword. When you graduate with a Ph.D. in Finland, you receive a sword and top hat. No joke.  
(Dad is so jealous! He wants a sword for his office! ~Mom)

BTW, the first girl picture is the relative of the Skinner family. Cool, huh? The Friestrom Parents live in Marjaniemi Ward, and I got to go to a Dinner Appointment with them and other Elders while my companion was in a meeting.  
(Ivy, your family is taking care of my boy! ~Amy)
This is my companion, Vanhin Saunders, in the midst of the March 30th snowfall.
 The day of Zone Conference. This is Neitsytpolku, Helsinki. It looks pretty nice!

 I have taken up drawing, lately... I got tired of drawing in pencil (witch and crowned knight), so I switched to drawing in pen (sword knight and rogue), and just recently tried drawing in color too (red mage). I'm considering drawing out some of the funny events in my mission cartoon-style using the egg-like people style on the right. I don't know why I'm being so creative all of a sudden...

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  1. I LOVE that he has met the Friestroms. In my letter to him on his birthday I attempted to name all their 10 kids for him, but I think I was missing one! :)