Friday, April 17, 2015

April 14, 2015 - Just About Nothing New

 February Sunset
Well, it is coming as close to being dead as it could possibly be in our area... There are no really progressing investigators. We have dropped now all but one of our investigators, period. It is getting a little discouraging for me and my companion, but thankfully, we are still getting along with each other, despite being together for the last 3½ months with no one else really to talk to or go on splits with...

This last week was filled, though, with the craziest amount of "trunky" discussions yet, at least on my part. I dreamed about walking around Porvoo, contacting, and then having President Watson call and tell me that we were now authorized to catch Pokemon while we walked and train them up with potential contacts. All of a sudden, the world was filled with Pokemon everywhere and I spent the night catching and training a team... That was super-nerdy, and super-disappointing to wake up from. The next night I dreamed about building a D&D castle, like, life-size, in-between the apartments located near us, so that we could go a'venturing inside on quests. Yeah. I'm going off the deep end a little. My companion has been all of a sudden remembering tons of really good music that he likes, and has been explaining how he likes different artists and songs and what-not. Then we both talked about video games a lot. I'm a little afraid for our next change if we find out we are STILL serving together...

Yeah, that's about it for my week that I can think of... To the Questions!

How big is the ward you are serving in?

Hmm. Numbers... There are about 150 or so that are actively showing up every Sunday, at least that's what my companion thinks.

How big is the youth program in your ward?

There are a few youth in this ward, but it's not as big as Tampere's. They have about 6 Young Men, none of which are Priest age, and 5 or so Young Women, also not being in the Laurel age group.

How many families in the ward are in Porvoo?

There are around 50 families, from a quick glance at the ward roster!

Did your package arrive?

No, not yet. I really hope you all didn't pay to have it shipped quickly, because it is far beyond the day that you all predicted when you sent it out... If you did, might want to see about getting a refund. No letter, either, if you've sent one yet.

Is the weather getting better?

In a sense, yes! The sun has completely reversed schedules this last month. When the month started, it was still kind of following that winter schedule, dark pretty early. However, just last night we were actively contacting until 9 without realizing it was even getting close to time to head in, because the sun set at 8:40 PM. The sun is also up at around 3 AM or so, so we've had to block the window with mattresses. It's all fun. There is still quite a bit of cloudy rain, though, so my suits are still facing a little danger if I try to go out without a jacket.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten on your mission?

Mämi. Probably. It is just pure rye. You need to eat it with cream and sugar, but it's all good. I actually liked it a fair bit. I think I emailed about it last week, though.

If not that, then it would be something that wasn't actually a Finnish food. I had black-seaweed jelly made by a Polynesian family in Tampere. That was weird.

How long has your companion been on his mission?

He's been on a mission for about 1 year and 3 months. He has hit his 1-year-in-Finland mark already. He feels old. And yet young. We've talked about this.

Weirdest part? Sister Seegmiller, from my group, is training right now, and she will go home at the same time he does, while her trainee goes home at the same time I do. So weird.

When is your next transfer?

May 1st, basically. Great thing - It is right after another set of 2 Hard-Red days, as graduation/Labor Day to the extremes. With lots of alcohol. That's not the great part. The great part is that if this is the separation point for me and Elder Saunders, our change will have started and ended with Hard-Red Day celebrations (New Years Eve/Day for the beginning, Vappu for the end).

Well, that's it over here. I hope you all are doing well, I am hoping to hear from a lot of you!

Vanhin David Milligan

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