Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28, 2015 - This Week: Teeth Go Crazy - But Not Mine!

So, my companion Elder Saunders had one of his wisdom teeth taken out, along with the adjacent molar from infection. To skip past the gory details and revisits of the dentist in the days following, we have been stuck inside since Friday. Sigh. We are lucky, we were given permission to drive to church to email, but we will be returning to Porvoo to stay for at least another 2 days as we go again to try to fix stuff that is going wrong. Pray for my companion: I don't want him to die if I'm leaving!

Speaking of that - we don't find out our transfers (if there are any) until THIS Saturday. I think I must have said something wrong... Yeah. (Or Mom remembered the wrong week and asked him 20 questions about if/where/who/when he was getting transferred...)  So I'm in Porvoo another week, at least. I'm personally thinking that, as weird as it is, I will be staying in Porvoo with Elder Saunders another change, due to all of his current and upcoming surgeries for teeth. Yes, we'll have been 6 months together if that is the case. I can deal with it, he's fun enough!

Yeah, with about 5 days of being inside and at least 1 more on the horizon, there's not much more to talk about. So, to the questions!

What is something you taught this week?

We taught a bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how it is that our message and commitments are all centered around following the example of Christ and being baptized. We have a few more potentials now that we are getting ready to visit and share the message with, just as soon as Elder Saunders recovers.

What is something you learned this week?

I have been studying a bit from the different scriptures where it talks about Brotherly Kindliness. The passages almost always can apply to missionary companions, so I figure it might be a good way to always try to seek to treat my companion as I best should. Especially if I have a difficult companion!

What is something you want to study?

I think I should be studying a little more about Love. Yes, that's a weird and general statement, and in the end it all funnels back to Charity and the Pure Love of Christ, but hear me out! In almost all of the parables that I have struggled with applying in the past - The Prodigal Son, the Workers and the Same Wage, and others - the way to best overcome that pride is through a sense of Love of your fellow brother, for receiving that which is able to help him in life. I am comfortable, I think, with the concept, now, and try my best to always think like that, but sometimes, when even in their "forgiveness" people seem to squander that which is re-given to them, it is hard. My pride of the "always doing what is right, I deserve these blessings and you don't" attitude shines through a little here... So, I think I need to study Love a little more, and maybe even just the steps to return to our Heavenly Father - because everyone seeking forgiveness and betterment is also focusing on those same steps, and I might see myself more like them if I understand that our struggles and accomplishments are the same!

What is something you are working on?

Probably getting rid of excessive pride... Pride in your work in fine, in healthy doses! It keeps you encouraged that your actions will keep you on the right path to be in the place to help others. But, if it gets carried away into boasting, then we have a problem. I don't think I boast too much, per se, but I do have a silent "you deserve the bad consequence coming to you" thought when someone tries to do something I've warned them is futile/wrong. It gets a little annoying when you are trying to love someone else and they just keep bashing you down.

Don't worry, none of this is happening from Elder Saunders!!! We are doing well together, but I'm just remembering past problems and seeing them in current former-investigators, and in some other missionaries in the field... I do my best not to judge, but that's what I need to work on most, right now!

Is it getting warmer? When does Spring arrive in Finland?

It is getting up to high 40s, low 50s in the temperatures. So, yes, much warmer! I'm practically roasting!   I'm not certain exactly when it is supposed to come... I think that it is technically already here! There are some tulip buds coming, even if the tree leaves haven't returned yet.

Well, that's all, folks! We need to get back to the safety of Porvoo before more crazy stuff happens with Elder Saunders! Love you all, (at least I'm trying to,) and be safe!

Vanhin David Milligan

P.S. Something for Dad's Birthday today!
I hope you enjoy his creativity and the fact that he put the harmony part for the last line of the song! Such a talented musician!

Entertainment in Finland?


The Ukelele that got left behind by another missionary and now belongs to David!

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